Providing effective trading method to corporate investors or investors who wants large quantity trading. In order to prevent any adverse impact that large orders may bring to the market, it gives off-hours trading method.
Major details
  • Trading method : Investors may trade a block or basket order at the price they agreed upon.
  • Possible trading stock
    • All stocks listed in the market
    • But excluding stocks without transaction during regular session or stocks with abnormal closing
  • Trading time and price range
    Trading time and price range
    Block Trading Off-hours Block Trading
    Trading hours 09:00 ~ 15:30 07:30 ~ 09:00
    15:40 ~ 18:00
    Possible price range Under regular session limit Under price limit of the day
    In case listed corporate buybacks treasury stocks from government or Deposit Insurance Corp. the price limit is not applicable.
  • Minimum quantity
    • Block trading : The trading volume should be over KRW50 million.
    • Basket trading : The items should be more than 5 and trading volume more than KRW200 million.
  • Other conditions
    One the buying order or selling order should be made by single securities company