Accepting orders and matching them after closing the regular session. (the previous day’s closing price for pre-hours session)
Eligible issues
  • All listed issues (including initially listed issues)
  • But excluding issues without transaction during regular session or issues with abnormal closing). Issues designated as administrative issue are not eligible for pre-hours session on the designation day.
Operating time
  • Trading time
    • 07:30 ~ 08:30 (60 minutes)
    • 15:40 ~ 16:00 (20 minutes)
  • Registering time
    • 07:30 ~ 08:30 (60 minutes)
    • 15:30 ~ 16:00 (30 minutes)
Off-hours session starts after 10 minutes from closing to notice investors.
The order registered during the regular session are not effective.
Trading principle
Only time priority applicable.
Possible order price and matching price
Closing price of the day or the previous day (Pre-hours session)
Orders matched if there is possible counter order registered with time priority.
Change and cancel of order
Price can not be changed as it is matched at single price Unmatched order after system registration can be cancelled partially or entirely.
Disclosure of order information
During off-hours session, remainder of bids or offers is disclosed.