Designation as Unfaithful Disclosure Corporation - Penalty Measures on Unfaithful Disclosure Corporations
Trading Suspension
Trading for unfaithful disclosure corporations that receive demerits of more than 5 points or more is suspended for one trading day.
Public Announcement of Unfaithful Disclosure
  • Publicizing the fact 5 times consecutively in the Daily KOSDAQ Market Review
  • Attaching "Un" or “Unfaithful disclosure corporation” for one month on the disclosure media and stocks information terminals, etc.
Education on Unfaithful Disclosure Corporations
The KRX-KOSDAQ Market may organize a training course for the disclosure officer and the staff member responsible for disclosure of the concerned corporation to prevent unfaithful disclosure in future. And the disclosure officer and the staff member should take the training course.
Request for Submission of Improvement Plan
For unfaithful disclosure corporations that accumulate 10 demerit points or more during the period of one year under the designation as administrative issue or when they are designated as administrative issues, the KRX may request an improvement plan for the prevention of reoccurrences.
Designation as Administrative Issue and Delisting
Corporations are designated as administrative issue if the demerit points accumulated due to unfaithful disclosure reach 15 or more during the past year. And, if the corporation adds up 15 or more demerit points within one year, the corporation is delisted through listing maintenance review.