Designation as Unfaithful Disclosure Corporation

Unfaithful disclosure refers to not complied with the disclosure obligation specified in the FSCMA and the Stock Market's rule, including the violations such as reversal or alteration of disclosure already made.

Designation as unfaithful disclosure corporation is a self-regulatory measure imposed by the KRX for the purpose of ensuring faithful compliance with its disclosure regulation by the listed corporations, and it is separate from the measures taken against the false disclosure in accordance with the FSCMA or the violation of disclosure obligation specified by the FSC.


Criteria for designation as unfaithful disclosure corporation.

  • Not complied width disclosure obligation
    Cases of not disclosing important corporate information by the disclosure deadline
  • Reversal of disclosure
    Cases of reversing or denying the whole contents of disclosure already made
  • Alteration of disclosure
    Cases of altering significant portion of the contents of disclosure already made