This is a system for a liquidity provider to continuously suggest selling/buying offer price for inactive trading items, whose liquidity is below a certain standard, in order to induce stable formation of price.

LP Contents of LP system
Qualification of LP
trading on its own account floor trading he has to appoint a staff in charge of liquidity providing. Also, one year should pass if quarterly evaluation of liquidity providing results in the lowest rating in two consecutive times.
Duty of LP
Submission of offer price should be made in the way to reduce spread of offer price to less than 3% if its gap is more than 3%, and in this case minimum quantity of offer shall be within 5 times of trading quantity unit pursuant to the contract stipulation.
Duty of LP
Duty of LP
selling price buying
20 15,400
[offer price of LP] 100 15,250
15,100 100 [offer price of LP]
14,950 50