Regular Session Block/Basket Trade

Regular session block/basket trade is applied to execute block/basket orders placed by members during the regular trading session (9:00∼15:30). Minimum quantity requirement is the same as the off-hours block/basket trade. The orders can be placed at the prices within the range between the highest and the lowest prices formulated during the day until the orders are received. Also, either side of the buy or sell order must be from one member only.

Regular Session Block/Basket Trade
Classification Details
Subject Stock Certificate, ETF, ETN, KDR(excluding cases where the regular session has not had any trade until the order placement)
Trading Hours 09:00~15:30 (390 minutes)
Price Range Negotiated price between investors (within the range between the highest and the lowest prices until the order placement)
Order Types Pair of bid and ask orders with matching conditions
Minimum Order Size Same as the off-hours block/basket trading
Execution Price The price agreed on between the buying and selling parties
Correction/ Cancellation of Orders Allowed before the execution