Off-hours Block Trade

Off-hours block trade is a system that trading is realized, during hours of the market off-hours(07:30~09:00, 15:40~18:00), at the price that a member applies for in the range of upper/lower limit price of the day in the same issue and quantity for more than 5,000 times(ETF·ETN : 500 times) of trading quantity unit or more than KRW100,000,000 as offer price. Also, either selling offer or buying one should be from single member.

Off-hours Block Trade
Classification Details
Subject Stock Certificate, ETF, ETN, KDR(Excluding unexecuted issues of the day)
Trading Hours 07:30~09:00, 15:40~18:00 (230 minutes)
Executed Price Negotiated price between investors(subject to within upper limit/lower limit price of the day)
Type Of Order Order of both parties(selling/buying party) agreeing order details
Minimum Order Size More than 5,000 times(ETF·ETN : 500 times) of unit of trading quantity or more than KRW100,000,000 as amount of quantity by price
Execution Of Trading Executed as corresponding order price from both parties' offer prices
Revision, Withdrawal Possible to revise or cancel prior to execution of trading