General Procedures of Trading

In order for an investor to trade in the KRX securities markets, he/she has to first open a trading account at one of the security companies (or Financial Investment Business entities as defined in the 'Capital Markets and Financial Investment Business Act') with KRX membership (member firms). With such trading account, the investor are able to place trading orders to the member firms, which will subsequently submit (quote) those customer orders to the Exchange.

Member firms entrusted with customer orders are obliged to immediately submit (quote) those orders to the KRX. Trading orders from foreign investors should by-pass FSS (Financial Supervisory Service) Foreign Investors Management System (FIMS) for foreign investors' share-holding cap check on certain issues. Non-member firms also have to quote customer orders to designated member firms.

All trading orders submitted to the KRX by member firms shall be traded in accordance with the matching principles specified in business regulations of the KRX. Immediately after the transaction, KRX shall inform (in electronic format) member firms of the trading results which shall then be notified to respective customers.

Customers shall conduct settlement of their transaction with member firms by deposit of money or relevant securities for buying or selling securities on T+2 (exact time for settlement deadlines are set by each member firms). Entire process of a trade will be complete when every member firms complete their required settlement transaction with KRX (as a CCP) by 16:00 of T+2.

Holiday Rules

Trading days in KRX KOSPI markets are from Monday through Friday and no trading and settlement shall be made on following holidays.

  1. Holidays according to government regulations (which includes Sundays, National Election days, etc)
  2. Labor Day (May 1st)
  3. Saturdays
  4. December 31st (when it's a holiday or a Saturday, one previous business day closest to the December 31st)
  5. Certain days deemed necessary by the KRX due to market conditions.
Trading Hours
Trading Hours
Trading Hours Quotation Receiving Hours1)
Regular Session 09:00∼15:30 08:00∼15:30
Pre-hours 07:30∼09:00 07:30∼09:002)
Post-hours 15:40∼18:00 15:30∼18:00
fn. 1)
Quotations (refer to as quotes submitted by the Members on behalf of their customers) shall be submitted to the Exchange only during Quotation Receiving Hours.
fn. 2)
Pre-hours Closing-price Auction session and A-blox session runs from 07:30 to 08:30