Designation as Unfaithful Disclosure Corporation
To ensure the accurate and timely disclosure of business information regarding assets and management conditions, etc. or security matters by listed corporations, the FSCMA stipulates the disclosure obligations. The disclosure system on the FSCMA is divided into disclosure in the primary market and disclosure in the secondary market.
Disclosure in Primary market
The system creates an environment where investors make informed investment decisions based on comprehensive information. Corporations that issue securities are required to disclose public securities registration statements, business prospectuses, records of securities issuances, etc.
Disclosure in Secondary market

The system requires listed corporations to disclose business management activities related to the trading of securities among investors in the secondary market. Such disclosures include periodic, timely, and special disclosures.

  • Periodic disclosure¬†: the business reports after the end of a fiscal year, semiannual reports, and quarterly reports, etc.
  • Timely disclosure¬†: major business details as outlined in the FSCMA and the Disclosure Regulations of the KRX-Stock Market
  • Special disclosure¬†: merger, spin-off, reports of business takeover & transfer, reports of acquisition & disposal of treasury stocks, etc.
  • Other disclosure: report on take-over-bid, report on market making, report on stabilization operation, etc.