How to order data
  • Private individuals

    For individual investors who want to refer to real-time or delayed(20minutes or end-of-day) market data of KRX, data distribution channels are as follows; HTS programs of exchange members, information terminals of vendors or the media, or portal sites.

    Data may be provided with fee by the vendor’s policy.
    ※ Please note that private investor also needs the data license contract if he/she wants to use market data for redistribution, application development, or any other profitable business. For more information, please contact our sales agency, KOSCOM.
  • Professional subscribers / Vendors

    Professional subscribers can receive market data directly or indirectly after conclusion of a contract with KOSCOM, an information distribution/sales agency of KRX. For more information, please contact KOSCOM sales team below or refer to the KOSCOM data service/indirect data feed ordering website.

Market data ordering process
Clients may apply for market data service on KOSCOM data service website or submit application form via email to sales mangers of KOSCOM.
Documents required for approval : Application form, copy of business registration, and other additional documents requested by Koscom
Prior to using market data service, approval of KRX must be obtained. Clients must not use market information to establish stock exchange market. This is strictly prohibited, and approval request can be denied in this case.
Contract Signing
Once approval is obtained, client may sign contract. The initial contract will end on the last day of the year and will be renewed automatically for a successive periods of one year unless either party gives a written notice of its intent to terminate the contract.
Revision & Termination
Clients may make a written request to revise or terminate contract.
Such request will be processed by sales managers.
KOSCOM Sales department
  • E-mail:
  • Tel : +82-02-767-8618(7581)

Data and information on the KRX website are provided for the purpose of improving availability of information for investment, not for trading securities. In spite of the efforts made in ensuring the accuracy of data and information, the KRX recognizes that unintentional errors and delays could occur. The KRX is not responsible for any loss resulted from the investments made using the data and information provided on its website.