KRX offers real-time, end-of-day, and reference data distribution services for various financial markets.
Market data of KRX is generated in KRX matching engine and transmitted to clients immediately through dedicated circuit lines, Internet TCP/IP and FTP to be utilized by various areas as trading, risk management, analysis, and data distribution.

Data feed products
Examples of market data
Category Product name Market Covered Real-time EOD
Securities A KOSPI Stock
SecuritiesB KOSDAQ Stock, KONEX Stock
SecuritiesC ELW, ETF, ETN
Derivatives A KOSPI200 Index Futures and Options
Equity Futures and Options
Interest / Foreign Exchange / Commodity Futures and Options
Mini KOSPI200 Index Futures and Options
KOSDAQ150 Index Futures
Sector Index Futures
V-KOSPI200 Index Futures
CME-Linked KOSPI200 Index Futures
CME-Linked USD Futures
Derivatives B Euro STOXX 50 Index Futures
Commodities A Gold Spot, Emissions
KRX Bonds A KRX Bonds
KRX Index (Group 1) KRX Index 1
KRX Index (Group 2) KRX Index 2
Investors Activity KOSPI X
Market Action KOSPI X
Margin Trading KOSPI X
Real-time data information item
  • Equity : Price, Quotes(10 level depth), Off-regular hour trade, Program trades, Short sales, Foreigner trading activity, Market index, Brokers activity per instrument
  • Derivatives : Price(5 level depth), Open interest, Settlement price, Base trading margin, Investor information, Underlying asset issue information, Sensitivity, Implied volatility, Spot information
  • Bonds : Issuance, Price, Quotes, Market Index
End-of-day data information item and transmission time
  • Information Item : EOD, Issue event, Settlement data, Investor information, Index
  • Transmission time : EOD Day session (1st 16:10 / 2nd 18:10)
                              EOD Night session (Next day 02:00)

Data and information on the KRX website are provided for the purpose of improving availability of information for investment, not for trading securities. In spite of the efforts made in ensuring the accuracy of data and information, the KRX recognizes that unintentional errors and delays could occur. The KRX is not responsible for any loss resulted from the investments made using the data and information provided on its website.