License Policy
  • A customer who will develop and issue any structured instrument or fund based on KRX Indices shall make a license contract for the corresponding KRX Indices.
  • KRX does not grant any exclusive license of KRX Indices in or for a specific region or country.
Coverage and Rights
Under this license contract, the licensee shall be authorized concerning KRX’s indices and trademark for the right to do as follows.
  • Use for issuing and trading financial instruments linked with KRX indices; and
  • Use of KRX trademark in order to market and promote the index-linked financial instruments.
KRX Index Marketing Team
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +82-2-3774-4143, +82-51-662-2363
For a real-time index data service, even if you came into contract for the KRX index license already, please contact the Data Business Team of KOSCOM at +81-2-767-8618.

Data and information on the KRX website are provided for the purpose of improving availability of information for investment, not for trading securities. In spite of the efforts made in ensuring the accuracy of data and information, the KRX recognizes that unintentional errors and delays could occur. The KRX is not responsible for any loss resulted from the investments made using the data and information provided on its website.