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채권발행정보 조회결과
Basic InformationCash Flow
Full Name {{isu_nm}} Coupon Rate(%) {{coupn_rt}}
Abbreviated Name {{isu_abbrv}} Redemption Method {{risk_bnd_redmpt_tp_nm}}
ISIN Code {{isu_cd}} Coupon Payment Method {{int_pay_methd_nm}}
Bond Type {{bnd_tp_nm}} Coupon Payment Period(month) {{int_pay_unit_mms}}
Classification {{bnd_clss_cd}} Coupon Calculation Period(month) {{int_pay_calc_mms}}
Special Bond Type {{nusual_bnd_tp_nm}} Less Than KRW1 Coupon {{int_udwon_procs_nm}}
Guarantee Type {{bnd_guar_tp_nm}} Coupon Payment Time {{coupn_pay_methd_nm}}
Guarantee Rate(%) {{grt_rt}} First Coupon Payday {{fst_int_pay_dd}}
Priority {{debt_repay_rank_tp_nm}} Coupon Calculation Base Day {{bnd_int_pay_dd_bas_tp_nm}}
Option type {{imbdopt_corpbnd_nm}} Coupon Payment Base Day {{int_mmend_tp_nm}}
Asset-Backed Securization Type {{asst_secutiz_tp_nm}} Odd Days Interest {{bnd_oddllotdd_int_bas_tp_nm}}
Hybrid Bond {{hbrdbnd_yn}} Sales Type {{bnd_sale_tp_nm}}
CoCo Bond Type {{cond_cap_secu_tp_nm}} Pre-Sales Date {{sale_dd}}
Issue Method {{bnd_isu_methd_nm}} Pre-Sales Coupon Payment {{bnd_pre_sale_int_pay_methd_nm}}
Issue Volume {{isu_amt}} Floating Rate Note
Amount Outstanding {{list_amt}} Reference Rate {{coupn_rt_decsn_bas_int_nm}}
Issue Currency {{curr_tp_nm}} Spread(%) {{spd}}
Listing Date {{list_dd}} Coupon Rate Decision Point {{int_rt_decsn_tm_nm}}
Issue Date {{isu_dd}} First Coupon Rate Decision Date {{int_rt_decsn_bas_dd}}
Maturity Date {{redmpt_dd}} Equity-Related Bond
Issuing Price(%) {{bnd_isu_prc}} Right Type {{stk_rel_corpbnd_rght_tp_nm}}
Redemption Rate at Maturity(%) {{exp_redmpt_rto}} Underlying Equity's Name {{obj_isu_nm}}
Guaranteed Rate(%) {{grt_yd}} Underlying Equity's ISIN Code {{obj_isu_cd}}
Effective Date of Guaranteed Rate {{grt_yd_strt_dd}} Exercise Price {{stk_rel_corpbnd_exer_prc}}
Holiday Payment Exchange Rate(%) {{exer_rto}}
Principal Payment Method {{bk_holdy_princ_pay_dd_decsn_nm}} Exercise Opening Date {{exer_strt_dd}}
Accrued Interest Rate(%) {{bk_holdy_dd_princ_acrint_rt}} Exercise Closing Date {{exer_end_dd}}
Coupon Payment Method {{bk_holdy_dd_int_pay_methd_nm}} Payment Method {{cash_sb_pay_methd_nm}}
Accrued Interest Rate(%) {{bk_holdy_dd_int_cmp_acrint_rt}} Company in Charge {{clm_inst_nm}}
Credit Information Record Date of Dividend Pay-Out {{div_reck_dd_tp_nm}}
NICE Grade {{byinst_credit_valu_grd1}} Cumulative {{proft_partc_acc_yn}}
SF {{sf_valu_yn1}} STRIPS
KIS Grade {{byinst_credit_valu_grd2}} Original Bond's Name {{obj_orgn_bnd_nm}}
SF {{sf_valu_yn2}} Original Bond's ISIN Code {{obj_orgn_bnd_cd}}
KR Grade {{byinst_credit_valu_grd3}} Non-seperated Balance {{strip_nsprt_bal}}
SF {{sf_valu_yn3}} Redemption by instalment
SCI Grade {{byinst_credit_valu_grd4}} Redemption by instalment Type {{split_redmpt_tp_nm}}
SF {{sf_valu_yn4}} Amount of Redemption {{equiv_redmpt_val}}
Price Information Grace Period(month) {{defr_mms}}
Substitute Price {{sb_prc}} Grace Period Coupon {{redmpt_pd_int_tp_nm}}
Base Price {{bas_prc}} Number of Payments {{split_redmpt_cnt}}
Bonds with Option
Call Option Opening Date 1 {{call_exer_strt_dd1}} Call Option Closing Date 1 {{call_exer_end_dd1}}
Call Option Opening Date 2 {{call_exer_strt_dd2}} Call Option Closing Date 2 {{call_exer_end_dd2}}
Put Option Opening Date 1 {{put_exer_strt_dd1}} Put Option Closing Date 1 {{put_exer_end_dd1}}
Put Option Opening Date 2 {{put_exer_strt_dd2}} Put Option Closing Date 2 {{put_exer_end_dd2}}

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