Specific Information on dividend
Settlement Month
Company name
Base year
For recent    years
  • 1) Information above is provided based on dividend-related information in the disclosure on "decision on stock dividend" and "result of the annual shareholders' meeting" submitted by a listed corporation.
    However, dividend payout ratio is a total amount of dividend divided by consolidated net income of the relevant period. Dividend payout ratio of a company with an asterisk is a total amount of dividend divided by individual net income of the relevant period.
  • 2) Only information on dividend of corporations that have listed their stocks, foreign equities, DRs is provided, and the period of the information provided is from 2010 to the most recent business year.
  • 3) Settlement month is the current settlement month regardless of business year for inquiry.
  • 4) When a listed company changed its sector, the sector-related dividend information is applied in the following year of the change.

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