Short-selling status by issue
  • 1. This menu provides integrated information on short-selling transaction and outstanding short position by issue.

  • 2. Outstanding short position by issue showed above is calculated by collecting outstanding short position by issue reported by the investor with a reporting obligation in compliance with the Article 180-2 of the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act.

    In accordance with the outstanding short position reporting system, an investor is obligated to report when the investor's outstanding short position meets the criteria below.
    -When the ratio of the investor's net outstanding short position is at or below negative (-) 0.01% and the value of the net outstanding short position is at or below negative (-) KRW 100 million
    -When, regardless of the ratio, the value of the net outstanding short position is at or below (-) KRW 1 billion.

    Since the investor is required to report outstanding short position until two days from T (when the reporting obligation arises), outstanding short position of two days before the day is provided.
    (Please note that outstanding short position can be changed when the investor makes a new or modified report on the position after 18:00 on T+2 to the Financial Supervisory Service.)

  • 3. Information of the day is available after 18:10 (GMT +9).

  • 4. Information on outstanding short position is available starting from June 30, 2016.

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