Submission of application for listing

The corporation which submitted the registration statement after notification of an approval on listing eligibility review and finished all of the offering process thereupon shall submit an application for initial listing to the Exchange when completing the public offering or the secondary offering.

Application for listing shall be attached to the following documents and submitted when applying for listing, but the attached documents shall be omitted in case where the public offering has not been made after the submission of application for listing eligibility review or there is no change in the details of the documents submitted when applying for listing eligibility review.

  • Specimens of the stock certificates concerned by denomination: at the time of submitting application for initial listing
  • Documents that can certify the payment of stocks: without delay after completing the payment
  • Certified copy of the transcript of registration of corporation: within 7 days after registration of change
  • Copy of post-issuance report: without delay after completing offering or sales
  • Stock distribution status: before the listing date
  • Copy of a contract of transfer agency services: at the time of submitting application for listing
  • Any other documents that the Exchange deems necessary for listing review: without delay
Approval and notification of listing

If a corporation submits application for listing, the Exchange shall check the matters of stock distribution, etc. that have not been examined at listing eligibility review and the conclusion of a transfer agency service contract, the payment of stocks and so on.

The Exchange shall inform the applicant for initial listing and the relevant institutions of whether listing is approved or not within a week after receiving the listing application.