Key details

The corporation wanting to offer and sell securities can use a preliminary prospectus prepared in advance before the registration statement becomes effective after being accepted for making an offer to sell or inviting offers.

In case of using a preliminary prospectus, it shall be submitted along with the registration statement, and in case of no change in the matters stated in the registration statement until the statement becomes effective, the preliminary prospectus can be used as a prospectus. Also, the issuer shall stipulate that the details of the preliminary prospectus are the same as those of the prospectus and the prospectus has not become effective yet.

The following matters shall be stipulated in the preliminary prospectus.

  • Total amount of public offering or secondary offering of the securities concerned
  • Subscription period and payment period
  • A place where prospective investors can see a copy of the registration statement and prospectus concerned
  • In case of intending to conduct the market stabilization or market making, the statement that the market stabilization or market making may be conducted and the title of the market thereon
  • Statement that a part of the reported details of the registration statement can be changed until the subscription begins
  • Statement that the government is not supposed to recognize that the descriptions in the registration statement are true or accurate, or does not guarantee or acknowledge the value of the securities concerned.
  • Any other matters necessary for investor protection