Key details

An applicant for listing who received the notification of listing eligibility from the Exchange shall submit to the FSC the registration statement attached by the copies of the results of listing eligibility review. The registration statement, the documents where the issuer describes the details of public offering or sale of the securities or the matters relating to the issuer in an arranged format, is the documents for public disclosure used as the basis of the invitation of subscription.

Following are the major matters to be stated in the registration statement.

Overview of public offering and sale
  1. Method of public offering and secondary offering, and the usage of the funds
  2. Opinion of the underwriter on the securities concerned
  3. Whether the securities offered or sold will be listed in the KOSPI market or in the KOSDAQ market
  4. Evaluation opinion of analyzing institution and the details of the analysis of the securities
  5. Any other matters necessary for investor protection
Related issues the Exchange deems necessary for public interests and investor protection
  1. Overall condition of the corporation and the details of business
  2. Matters related to financial status necessary for investor protection