Key details

Once a corporation decides to go public and list its shares, it usually establishes a separate team which is responsible for conducting preparatory works such as modifications of management structure and internal regulations, and preparation and submission of the relevant documents including application for listing eligibility review, etc. The team also acts as the counterparty for communication with the managing (lead) underwriter, accounting firm, law firm, and etc. with regard to IPO and listing.

Followings are some of the typical roles and functions of the listing preparation team:

  1. Management of the timeline of IPO and listing,
  2. Modification of management structure and internal rules including articles of incorporation,
  3. Streamlining of internal control system and accounting management system,
  4. Preparation of the documents related to listing
  5. Support for due diligence activities by the managing underwriter
  6. Conducting discussions on the issuing price (public offering price)