Review of quantitative criteria
KONEX market does not apply the financial criteria such as sales amount and net profit so that the startups and venture businesses which do not have outstanding business performance yet can list their shares on the KONEX market. Instead, it applies the listing criteria to the minimum extent that the free circulation of securities and credibility of financial information are properly secured.
Quantitative listing criteria of the KONEX market
Quantitative listing criteria of the KONEX market
Items Matters to be checked Note
Restriction on transfer of shares No statements regarding restriction on transferring of shares shall be stipulated in the articles of incorporation, etc. *However, the case of being restricted pursuant to other laws, where the restriction is deemed not to interrupt any transactions made in the KONEX market, is excluded.  
Auditor’s opinion The latest audit opinion shall be unqualified opinion.  
Designated advisor An agreement on the appointment of a designated advisor shall be concluded. Excluding the special exemption of listing
SME or not It shall correspond to the SMEs pursuant to [§2] of the Framework Act on Small and Medium Enterprises.  
Par value KRW 100, KRW 200, KRW 500, or KRW 1000, KRW 2500, and KRW 5000. Limited to stocks with par value