Expanding Methods of Acquiring Treasury Stocks (Article 165-2, Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act)
Apart from methods determined in commercial law, treasury stocks can be acquired through the KOSDAQ Market or a take-over bid → facilitating the protection of management right and stock management, etc
Expanding Limits to Stock Dividends (Article 165-13, Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act)
When distributing profits, profits may be distributed to stocks up to the gross amount
Exempting Duties for Submitting Detailed Statement of Stock Transfers (Article 119, the Corporation Tax Act)
Detailed statements for stock transfers do not have to be submitted for stocks held by minority shareholders. With regard to stocks acquired before the listing, only stocks of shareholders that have less than KRW 5 million total aggregate face value and stocks of small and medium businesses are applicable. These stocks are transferred through the KOSDAQ Market
Planning Management Streamlining
Comparison among similar businesses is facilitated by publicly announcing the firm’s financial information. Furthermore, operating results can be evaluated objectively using the stock price. Both of these help plan management streamlining