Capital Gains Tax Exemptions (Article 94 of the Income Tax Act, Article 157, Clause 4 of the Enforcement Decree of the Income Tax Act)
  • Stocks that are transferred through the KOSDAQ Market are exempted from capital gains taxes
  • However, shareholders (including special relationship with large shareholders) who possess over 2% of the total amount of the stock issued or over KRW 2 billion* in terms of market capitalization are subject to capital gains taxation for stock transfers.
by 2018.3.31 ,2018.04.01~2020.03.31 : KRW 1.5 billion, 2020.04.01~2021.03.31 : KRW 1 billion, 2021.04.01~ : KRW 0.3 billion
Market Price Acknowledged for the Valuation of Inherited and Donated Property on the KOSDAQ Market (Article 63 of the Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax Act and Article 53 of the Enforcement Decree of the Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax Act)
However, stock concerned must not have been designated as investment-attention issues or administrative issues or issues suspended from trading within 6 months (3 months for gifts) before or after the valuation date (inherited → inheritance effective date, gifts → date of the gift).