Listing of Stocks: Flow Chart
  1. Preparation such as the resolution of shareholders meeting
    and registration of division / split up
  2. Submission of application for relisting
  3. Review of relisting application
  4. Notification of relisting approval
  5. Relisting and trading
Detailed Procedures
Detailed Procedures
Major Procedures Specifics
Preparation of a plan for division/split up & report thereof
Resolution of the board of directors & submission of report on split up The report should be submitted to the FSC and the KOSPI Market Division as soon as the board decision is made
Closing the shareholders’ register
Disclosure of balance sheets of split, etc Disclosed for a period from two weeks before the shareholders’ meeting to the date of registration of split or for six months from the date of merger after split.
Resolution of the shareholders’ meeting Special resolution
Request for submission of old share certificates
Trading Halt
Procedures for protection of creditors At the shareholders’ meeting, a special resolution can be adopted that the newly established company takes over the responsibility for the investment liability
Registration of split up & report on completion Split up should be registered within two weeks after the closing date of shareholders’ meeting or the date of disclosure that can substitute such report
Application for relisting Submission of the relisting application and supplementary documents
Relisting and trading