Listing of Stocks: Flow Chart

Detailed Procedures
Steps Descriptions
Audit by an external auditor Audit of the annual report of the latest fiscal year by an auditor approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission (hereafter referred to as “FSC”)
Corporate registration Registration of the company with the FSC
Preparation Arrangement with a lead manager Appoint a lead manager and make a business arrangement before filing an application
Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation(AI) The standard AI formulated by Korea Listed Companies Association may be used as reference
Entry into an arrangement for transfer agent services Transfer agent services can be made with either Korea Securities Depositary, Kookmin Bank or Hana Bank
Establishment of employee stock ownership plan Not mandatory for foreign companies
Prior consultation with the KRX Matters relating to listing requirements, time, etc. should be consulted
Listing Eligibility Review Application for listing eligibility examination Application for listing eligibility Examination should be filed
Examination of listing eligibility Both qualitative and quantitative requirements are considered
Review by the Listing Committee Appropriateness of listing is reviewed and final decision is made
Notification of the result of listing eligibility examination Both the concerned company and the FSC are notified
Public Offering Filing securities registration statement The statement should be filed with the FSC (effective after 15 days)
Estimation of the demand and pricing After estimating the demand, price is determined in consultation with lead manager
Subscription, allotment and payment of securities Registration after making payment of securities
Filing of report on record of stock issuance Record of stock issuance is filed with the FSC
Listing Application for listing Listing application should be submitted by the payment date
Listing and trading