Summary of trading rules of daily futres on KOSPI200 Option Traded on Eurex
Trading rules
Product Daily futures on KOSPI200 Option Daily futures on Mini KOSPI 200 Futures
Listing Type Futures on KOSPI200 options that expires in 1 day. Futures on Mini KOSPI 200 Futures that expire in 1 day.
Accountability EUREX : Trading of daily futures/settlement of payment KRX: Final Settlement (Physical Delivery) Same as LHS
Applicable regulations Trading: EUREX Regulation (Final) Settlement: KRX Regulation. Same as LHS
Trading hour 18:00~05:00 on the next day (KST)
(During CEST applied : 18:00 ~ 04:00 on next day)
Same as LHS
Prerequisite Accounts opened with KRX members Same as LHS
Participating Members
  • Trading : EUREX member
  • Final Settlement : KRX member
Same as LHS
Availability of market data
  • Trading volume : Compiled as EUREX trading volume
  • Settlement (physical delivery) : Compiled by KRX
Same as LHS
Trade Launching date August 30, 2010 November 28, 2016
Currency used KRW Same as LHS
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