An order for Globex trade may be cancelled only when the entire quantity of order is cancelled, but it is possible to correct both the price and quantity of Globex order at the same time.
  • 1) Cancellation of entire quantity : Cancellation of entire quantity of an order
  • 2) Cancellation of partial quantity : Cancellation of partial quantity of an order
  • 3) Price correction (entire quantity) : Correction of price for entire quantity of order (quantity remains unchanged)
  • 4) Price correction (partial quantity) : Correction of price for partial quantity of order
  • 5) Correction of quantity (reduction) : Correction of order quantity into a smaller quantity (price remains unchanged)
  • 6) Correction of quantity (Increase) : Correction of order quantity into a larger quantity (price remains unchanged)
  • 7) Correction of Price & quantity : Correction of order price and quantity into different price and quantity at the same time
Cancellation or Correction of Orders
Type of cancellation or correction Regular Session On Globex
Cancellation Cancellation of entire quantity1) Order cancelled Order cancelled
Cancellation of a part of quantity2) Remaining quantity hold N/A
Correction price only Price for total quantity3) Priority lost Priority lost
Price for partial quantity4)
  • Corrected quantity loses priority
  • Remaining quantity holds priority
quantity only Quantity reduction5) N/A Priority hold
Quantity increase6) N/A Priority lost
Price and Quantity at the same time N/A Priority lost

※ When correcting order quantity, it is possible to use IFM option(In-Flight Fill Mitigation) only when correction of orders
Displayed quantity : Original (-) Matched = Remained quantity of an order

IFM : To indicate the total desired quantity of order to be matched, including the quantity already matched. If some of original order quantity was already matched, the unmatched quantity is displayed as the remaining quantity of order.
Disabled IFM : To indicate total order quantity to be remained, regardless of the quantity already matched.

IFM option may be used only when correcting the order quantity for the first time. When correcting the order already corrected, the system automatically selects the correction option used for the first correction

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