Refund Procedures for Charge Imposed on Petroleum Import
  • ① Transaction at the KRX petroleum market
  • ② Issuance of a “written confirmation of supplies using e-commerce” by e-Commerce System
  • ③ Request the Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority (K-Petro) for confirmation on the products for refund with the written confirmation on supplies using e-commerce attached)
  • ④ K-Petro calculates refundable quantity, issues a written confirmation to importers and notifies it to the Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC)
  • ⑤ Importers apply for the refund of import charges to KNOC
  • ⑥ KNOC determines the refundable amount and notifies it to the Bank of Korea
  • ⑦ The Bank of Korea makes the refund