V-KOSPI 200 Futures
V-KOSPI 200 Futures
Underlying Asset KOSPI 200 Volatility(V-KOSPI 200)
Contract Size V-KOSPI 200 Futures price times KRW 250,000
Listed Contracts The six consecutive near months
Trading Hours 09:00~15:45 (09:00~15:35 on the last trading day)
Tick Size & Value 0.05 point(KRW 12,500)
Last Trading Day 30 days(calendar day) prior to the following month's KOSPI200 options last trading day.
Final Settlement Day The following day of the last trading day
Final Settlement Cash
Daily Price Limit ① 30% ② 45% ③ 60% price limits are applied to the futures base price
Position Limit Individual 10,000 contracts
Others 20,000 contracts
Trading Halts When the KOSPI200 options trading halts, V-KOSPI Futures trading halts for the same period of time
Listing date Nov 17, 2014