Foreign institutional investors can directly invest in the Korean stock market through standing proxy and brokerage firms in Korea.

STEP1: Appoint Standing Proxy

Contact a global bank offering custodian, FX, security settlement, and other proxy services in Korea*.

* Global banks including Citibank, HSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc.

Investor can either directly contact those banks or access through a brokerage firm (mostly a global bank) in the local area.
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STEP2: Register for Investor Registration Certificate (IRC)
File Foreign Investment Registration Application (FIRA), via the proxy bank, to Financial Supervisory Services(FSS) in Korea to obtain Investor Registration Certificate (IRC)*.
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* For the details of the registration process and required documents, click on the ‘Guide to Investing In Korea’ or visit FSS website (

STEP3: Open a Stock Trading Account and Korean Won(KRW) Bank Account
Using the IRC code, open a stock trading account at a licensed securities company holding Korea Exchange Membership*.
* List of Membership Companies
Open a Korean Won(KRW) bank account at the custodian bank
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STEP4: Transfer Funds & Trade Shares
Transfer funds to the designated custodian bank through the local bank
Trade shares via on-line trading system, phone, or any other methods allowed in the account
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